One of the most informative lectures I have attended – well worth the time!
R Betka
I highly recommend the seminar luncheon program with knowledgeable speakers that provide valuable information for health living. After 12 years of college in the Health care sciences I am amazed to finally learn of the comorbidities associated with untreated hearing loss.
Really gave me good service this morning. Cleaned my ears and checked the hearing aids. Then ran a word recognition test. Has set up a hearing test in 6 Months. Audiologist was very efficient and gave very clear information.
Gerald Detloff
A caring office with professional help. Very good listeners to every concern.
Shelley Schwartz
“From the day I called to the day I walked into the office for my appointment, Dawn greeted me with a friendly “hello” and a smile. She’s been extremely helpful in answering all my questions. Derick, the Hearing Aid specialist, spent so much time explaining all the test results to my husband and myself. He made us feel very comfortable with all his knowledge and compassion. Dawn and Derick made us feel like we were definitely part of the family. I love that I can hear again and so does everyone else around me. The hearing aids are so easy to use and very comfortable. Thank you Hoglund family! “
“I would recommend this lunch and learn seminar to your friends and family because it is very informative. The workshop was excellent. The speakers were very knowledeable and covered every ear problem possible. They also explained everything in laymans language which made it easy to understand. My knowledge about hearing has dramatically improved after attending the Seminar.”
“The seminar was very informative – I learned a lot about hearing loss and tinnitus since I was concerned about it and dementia. The seminar covered information that was helping and made me understand Tinnitus and how to cope with this condition.”
It was really interesting learning of the emotional and brain trying to compensate for the hearing loss. The information was helping in understanding tinnitus. As a spouse of a person with tinnitus, I can be more sensitive to his condition.”
“I would recommend this seminar to my friends and family because it’s an opportunity to have hope. They covered every topic that I was seeking information about and the material was presented in an effective format for learning about hearing loss. ”
“Just to know that there is hope out there is enough. The information and explanations were simple and not too technical for the average Joe and my knowledge about hearing after the seminar was dramatically improved. I have read books on tinnitus but your information and procedures opened up a whole new world.”
“Excellent Tinnitus Presentation today! I am so glad I came. I expected an extended sales pitch, but got a very good overview of hearing and tinnitus problems with a description of a treatment protocol and recommended product. Well done!”
I want to tell you how thrilled I have been the last year and a half with Hoglund Family Hearing and Dr. Dornton. In the spring of 2017 I attended several seminars on hearing at Lee Health’s Coconut Point location and you far exceeded the other presenters with your knowledge, information and understanding of what the attendees needed. Your warm relaxed (no sales pressure) style impressed me so I made my first appointment at your Metro location with Dr. Dornton.
After our consultation and extensive hearing test, I bought my Wydex hearing aids. I have been very impressed with Dr. Dornton’s concern for my needs, her in-depth knowledge and care over that time. She answers my questions, analyzes the data and adjusts where needed, and her followup is always very prompt. I enjoy coming in every 3 months for a check and cleaning and the annual hearing test keeps us both on top of my progress. My friend Glee Duff got an earful (sorry for the pun) of my praises when I told him about Hoglund. His daughter Cynthia had already urged him to see Dr. Dornton. I enjoy telling others about Hoglund and Dr. Dornton.
Dr. Dornton is a tremendous asset to your practice and at Thanksgiving time, I am very thankful for her care and friendship. I wish you, your team and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Your happy patient and fan, Kathy Caldwell
KATHY CALDWELL, 12/10/2018
I am a new client- very happy with your office staff in Cape Coral- I was unhappy with my last  hearing aid provider in FT Myers. Katelyn gave me a better exam than the last place and the fitting prescription was better a a result. One thing she did differently, was to use a closed dome in my worse right ear , instead of all open domes, like the last office used. Much better results!
She agreed that a Starkey 1200 rechargeable (American made)  would work for my hearing loss-  the more expensive high level  Oticon Opn S, was what the last office pushed, he never even discussed other manufacturer options.  I went from severe to having  mostly moderate hearing loss, with Katelyns more accurate exam- no wonder the last aids were uncomfortable to wear= wrong prescription!
Maria is such a nice receptionist, I love talking to her. Kira did a great job on my 2nd tune up appt this week. 
I have several people in mind who, I hope take advantage of your services-  one of them is my dentist ( he can’t understand his staff when they whisper to him) – But his office is closed right now, except for emergencies–
Time to go back to work, America- this crisis isn’t nearly as bad as we were told it would be.
Office clean; friendly, helpful staff could not be better!
S FINN, 05/22/2020
All are very helpful and friendly. A pleasant experience. All seem very knowledgeable.
M BRINKMAN, 05/22/2020
Was a pleasant experience. Staff was very friendly and helpful and knew their business.
H COY, 05/22/2020

Very friendly staff with quality & expedient service.

Wendy Howell, on Google

Bill made my test easy and comfortable. Explanation easy to understand the results. Now just waiting for aids to come in and set up to my needs.

Ed Hardgrove, on Google

Bill and Megan are the best👍😎

James McWilliams, on Google

Always a good experience. Friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. When I first went 7 months ago for the first time I didn’t know what to expect. I highly recommend Audible Hearing.

Jennie Schmitz, on Google

Thank you for all you’ve done to get me back hearing 100%. William and Megan, offered guidance, professionalism and amazing customer service all with a smile!

Teri LeDuc, on Google

I often hesitate to pay for services here in FL because people in this state often overcharge or downright rip you off. That is not what happened today. The audiologist honestly told me that although I have a slight hearing loss, I do not need a hearing aid, at least...

leslee hartman, on Google

Everyone is so attentive, friendly, helpful and caring. If you want that personal touch added in with your checkup, this is the place for you. Highly recommend them for all your hearing needs!

Donna Schulze, on Google

Both Bill n Megan are awesome to work with! They bith know their business n work as a team! The sense of "support"that the Hoglund center provides is amazing! I am so glad i picked them to purchase my first pair of hearing aids...

Jerome Roberts, on Google

my first contact with Megan was delightful, she is very knowledgeable and a big help. Dr. Bill was amazing we had a long conversation. He educated me on a proper way to handle this, but we have to look at the medical route first and see in the ear nose...

Laura Richardson, on Google

Very helpful

Theresa Godwin, on Google

Hoglund, or Starkey, is an amazing place. People there are very nice and professional, they took care of all my needs, and at no time I was wearing perfect hearing aids. I am so happy with the improvement in my hearing! The benefit of going with Hoglund is that for...

Dan, on Google

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