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Real Patient Reviews

OCTOBER, 2018 – I have been hearing impaired over 25 years (As musician sitting in front of amplifiers and in the bowling business for 35 years) and have purchased and worn for both ears five traditional sets of hearing aids (first four sets Miracle Ear Aids and Last Set COSTCO Aids) over those 25 years. None ever made hearing 100% normal. The problem always was the noisy backgrounds and the clarity of what I heard. Just raising the volume of the hearing aids made clarity even worse. It definitely prevented me from social conversation and visiting with people or even going for coffee and doughnuts after Mass. I could no longer attend church seminars or attend the men’s weekly Monday morning Bible Reading sessions. I could not understand the many priests who did Homilies just before Communion even sitting in the first pew closest to them. It truly was awful. There are at a minimum 9 different wave sounds from high treble to low bass sounds in everyone’s ears. Of course people without hearing loss hear a perfect balanced combination of all those wave lengths in their ears. A hearing loss person doesn’t have that balance so hearing aids if adjusted to that wave length imbalance and with the volume raised just right, that will be the best that person will hear. My hearing loss was severe so perfect clarity was impossible with all 5 sets of those earlier hearing aids. The last set I bought at COSTCO for $2,400 and they too could not give me better clarity so I could understand people talking to me, the TV, Church socials and seminars, Priest Homilies, etc. I had to rent movies with Subtitles and have all my TV programs have the Subtitle option on. Then things changed dramatically for the better when I went to Hoglund Family Hearing And Audiology Center in Bonita Springs (Phone Number 239-498-7142) off Coconut Road and met John Hoglund the owner. John gave me one of the most thorough and best hearing tests I’ve ever had. He fitted me and adjusted a set of STARKEY hearing aids model MUSE 1Q 1.2400 ITE. These hearing aids have 4 different sound programs each adjusted accordingly to what my hearing needs are, my example: !st Level NORMAL (I hear just what everyone else hears), 2nd Level MEETING (The volume and treble wave sounds are heightened for better hearing clarity in noisy environments) 3rd Level MUSIC (Since Joan and I put on musical shows from time-to-time, this level is set so I hear exactly what my keyboard and Joan’s singing and saxophone playing is sounding like to the audience) 4th Level is the most exciting and will definitely improve ones social life AUDIO LOOP (Newest technology – example, my church St. John XXIII in Ft. Myers, is just about complete in building a huge Community Center where seminars, club meetings, Bible Classes will be taught, social parties and dances held, etc. Around the entire room an AUDIO LOOP has been installed which means to the hearing impaired people like me with the new Hearing Aids programmed for the Audio Loop, when any mike is turned on and people are talking into it, their voices will automatically be transferred to the Audio Loop and people like me will turn on the Audio Loop level (mine is the 4th one) in our hearing aids and for the first time in history, I and others with the same hearing aids will hear the voice of the person speaking right in our ears where we will hear better than normal people. This is a wireless system, WOW! Other optional aids available to improve your listening quality:I purchased the SURF LINK TV Hearing Aid, when plugged into the TV and turned on, by hitting the STAR (on the hand held REMOTE that also is optional) automatically the sound coming from the TV goes directly into my ears and I can adjust the volume to suit me, and my wife can adjust the volume to her ears. I can go to the bathroom or kitchen and the sound from the TV follows me. It truly is FANTASTIC!

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