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Meet Our Medical Professionals




Patricia has been in the hearing industry for 30 years, both board and nationally certified as a hearing instrument specialist. She has worked in every aspect of the hearing health care industry from manufacturing to direct patient care. Patricia strives to give everyone the best quality of hearing she can possibly offer and with her skills, knowledge and experience in this field. She is and will continue to be committed to reaching out and helping the hearing impaired community.



John is nationally board certified in hearing instrument sciences and is also certified by the American Conference of Audioprostology. John has been taking care of the needs of the hearing impaired throughout Florida for the past 24 years. John offers insight into the often confusing symptoms of hearing loss, especially when noise exposure is involved. He also covers the advancements into the treatment of nerve deafness and presents information concerning the recent findings from Johns Hopkins that untreated hearing loss dramatically increases the probability of developing Alzheimer's disease and dementia. John has lectured throughout Florida since 1985.



Averie has been exposed to this field ever since she was a young child, watching her parents change lives with the gift of hearing. She is so thankful and thrilled to be a part of the family business, alongside some of the most talented hearing professionals and audiologists in the industry! It's safe to say that, because two of those wonderful people happen to be her parents, Patricia and John Hoglund. Averie thanks them for all their wisdom and support through this journey. She is so excited to work and grow by their side in hopes of improving the quality of many lives.



Derick Winn is nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and is a Florida licensed hearing aid specialist. Derick is a tinnitus care provider and has special interest regarding the correlation between untreated hearing loss and Alzheimer's/dementia. Derick enjoys spending time with his very patient wife and their two wonderful children Jax and Gracie.





Since 2002, Ben has been a Florida Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist and, since 2004, has been Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. He is currently serving as President-Elect with the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals and has been a member of their board for the last 8 years. As incoming President, Ben hopes to improve the professional services the industry provides through education and active participation in the International Hearing Society initiatives. Helping the hearing impaired community of Southwest Florida to improve their quality of life is what Ben continues to do every day.

Tina Gleason

Director of Public Relations and Educational Outreach

Tina Gleason
Director of Public Relations and Educational Outreach

Barbara W. Garner, M.A., CCC-A

Clinical Audiologist

Barbara hails from Baltimore, MD and receiver her B.A. in Speech and Hearing Science and her M.A. in Audiology from the University of Maryland, College Park (Go Terps!).
For the first 38 years of her Audiology career, Barbara worked for private practice Ear, Nose and Throat physicians. She conducted diagnostic evaluations and treated patients with hearing, balance and tinnitus disorders. Barbara has literally decades of experience in the art and science of prescribing and dispensing hearing instruments, always being mindful of each patient’s personal needs and lifestyle.
Credentials include the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Florida State Licensure in Audiology.
Barbara enjoys travel, with some favorite destinations being the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Last Vegas, anywhere in Key West and the shoe department at Dillard’s.

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