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Get the best rechargeable hearing aids

There have been great advancements in hearing aid technology throughout the years, and one of the most important ones has been in the quality of rechargeable hearing aids and batteries. Gone are the days when you’d leave home and wonder if your hearing device was going to stop working because of its poor battery performance. Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Center’s team in Lee County, FL and Collier County, FL, can fill you in on all the latest advancements in hearing aids and the new, more powerful and long-lasting hearing aid batteries that go along with them.

We offer an excellent range of rechargeable hearing aids and rechargeable hearing aid batteries. Ask our Doctors of Audiology about the following top-quality brand name products we carry, such as Starkey Livio™; and Muse™, Widex Evoke™; and Beyond™, Phonak Audéo™; and Marvel™, Signia Primax™, ReSound LiNX™, LiNX 3D™ and ENZO 3D™, and Oticon OPN S™; (for adults) and Oticon Opn Play™; (for children). The reviews are in and we know you’ll be amazed at the features these new smart hearing aid models have and what they can do for you. You’ll experience excellent hearing performance, speech understanding, and sound quality, no matter where you are. Check out the list of special features below to name a few. Note the features available may vary by brand and model. Ask our team at our audiology center for details about each and they’ll assist you in finding the right one for your needs and tastes. The end result can be a speech understanding that’s comparable with normal hearing levels, and more comfortable and enjoyable conversation experiences.

  • Bluetooth® technology and wireless streaming that offers consistent performance through your smartphone or wireless accessories while streaming cell phones, TV, music, and other media
  • Mobile apps compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android powered smartphones that allow you to make easy adjustments on the go
  • Devices that intelligently and automatically adjust to your environment and surroundings, including when you’re indoors and outdoors
  • Better sound quality when listening to music, videos, eBooks, podcasts, and more, allowing you to hear with a more pure and refined sound
  • Customizable tinnitus relief that brings relief to those experiencing ringing in the ears
  • Personalized listening experience and sound profiles allowing you set adjustments to suit your preferences in different listening environments
  • Variety of models and colors
  • Effortless wireless plug-and-play hearing aid accessories
  • Smaller, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries, USB-C charging and mini charging cases

With all of these new developments, you can count on Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Center in Lee County, FL, to provide you with excellent advice, services, and products.

Speak with an expert about our rechargeable hearing aids and batteries. Call (239) 498-7142 for information.