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FREE Education Seminar About Hearing Loss, Ringing Ear and Hearing Aids

Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology and Southwest Florida Tinnitus and Hearing strive to be the hearing educational resource for residents in Southwest Florida. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is by holding regular hearing seminars. We can accommodate up to 30 people at each Lunch and Learn Seminar at your local Perkins Restaurants. 

At these seminars you can learn the truth about hearing loss, hearing aids and tinnitus (ringing ears). No hearing aids will be sold during this program. If you or a loved one experience symptoms of hearing loss, ringing ears or currently wear hearing aids, then don't miss this exciting, free opportunity!

"Hearing is one aspect of health that most people don't know nearly as much as they'd like to know," says John Hoglund. "When a group of people get together and they are discussing health issues and someone throws out their blood pressure readings, everyone understands. When the topic of hearing comes up, you get a lot of glassy stares. We created these lectures series to get through some of the questions about hearing loss in general, branch into the types of hearing aids and their components and also discuss tinnitus, the ringing in the ears."

 Lunch and Learn EVENT SCHEDULE:

   Capt'n Fishbone's   at The Shell Factory, 2787 N    Tamiami Trail, North Fort Myers, fl, 33903
  Tuesday, January 10 at 3pm:     
 Perkins pancake House  FORT    MYERS 14801TamiamiTrail (Gladiolous/Six Mile Cypress&41)
   Wednesday, January 11 at 3pm:  
  Bonita Springs Perkins      27941Crown Lake Blvd. (Corner of  41 and Bonita Beach  Road).
   Thursday, January 12 at 3pm: 
  Naples Perkins  Pancake    House, 3585 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples,    FL 34109.

   Friday, January 13 at 3pm:  
  Perkins Pancake House Estero,  20320 Grande Oaks Shoppes  Blvd. (Corkscrew & Ben Hill  Griffin).

Meet Your HFH Speakers Bureau

John Hoglund BC-HIS, ACA
John is nationally board certified in hearing instrument sciences and is also certified by the American Conference of Audioprostology. John has been taking care of the needs of the hearing impaired throughout Florida for the past 24 years. John offers insight into the often confusing symptoms of hearing loss, especially when noise exposure is involved. He also covers the advancements into the treatment of nerve deafness and presents information concerning the recent findings from Johns Hopkins that untreated hearing loss dramatically increases the probability of developing Alzheimer's disease and dementia. John has lectured throughout Florida since 1985, and will be available for a question and answer period at the conclusion of the lecture.
Jamie Katz, Au.D., from Starkey Hearing Technologies
Dr. Katz has 36 years of clinical experience, including comprehensive diagnostic audiology at a speech and hearing center, as well as an ENT practice, with strong emphasis on product training and research. Dr. Katz will offer insight into the remarkable advancements in hearing aids in the past several years including digital technology, directional microphones, wireless and Bluetooth applications, extended wear devices and the invisible solutions for dealing with hearing loss. He will help sort through the many questions concerning hearing loss, consumer reports and hearing aid prices and answer all questions about the often confusing features and benefits of hearing aids. He will also discuss the new and exciting device made for iPhones called HALO, which gives patients who have Apple devices more control over their hearing aids than ever before.
Frederick W, Schaerf, M.D., Ph.D.
Frederick W, Schaerf is a neuropsychiatrist and principal investigator at the Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest Florida. He specializes in Alzheimer’s disease and neurological disorders. Dr. Schaerf has conducted more than 100 clinical research trials in Alzheimer’s disease and is hopeful of finding effective treatments. He was assistant professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He has served on numerous boards in Lee County for mental health and dementia care, and currently is active with the Quality Life Center. Dr. Schaerf was recently appointed by the Florida State Surgeon General to sit on the new Alzheimer’s Disease Research Grant Advisory Board. He maintains a private neuropsychiatry practice and research center in Fort Myers, covering all of Southwest Florida. He will present the latest findings in memory testing and research related to the treatment of cognitive memory issues.
Angel C. Duncan M.A.-MFT, ATR
Angel C. Duncan has an extensive background in counseling psychology and dementia forms. She is at the Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest Florida as a cognitive scales rater in clinical research trials and provides research education in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias throughout Southwest Florida. In addition, Angel is a consultant for GE Healthcare and speaks globally. She is an adjunct professor in New Haven, Connecticut at Albertus Magnus College and visiting instructor at the University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa. Angel is a contributing author and regularly publishes in medical journals and other publications. She has been interviewed in The Los Angeles Times, The New Jersey Star Ledger, CBS, ABC News, WGCU-Gulf Coast Live! and Google Hangout, among others.
Lynette L. Dornton, Au.D.
Lynette L. Dornton, Au.D., received both her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders and her Clinical Doctorate in Audiology from the University of South Florida. Dr. Dornton has an extensive background in evaluating, diagnosing and treating a variety of auditory and vestibular (dizziness and balance) disorders. She also has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of patients suffering from tinnitus. Dr. Dornton is licensed to practice in the state of Florida and is a member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association as well as the American Academy of Audiology. Her hobbies include reading, designing jewelry and spoiling her three adorable nieces, Zoe, Kaitlyn and Julia.


"I would recommend this lunch and learn seminar to your friends and family because it is very informative. The worshop was excellent. The speakers were very knowledeable and covered every ear problem possible. They also explained everything in laymans language which made it easy to understand. My knowledge about hearing has dramatically improved after attending the Seminar." – Eileen A, Bonita Springs

“The seminar was very informative - I learned a lot about hearing loss and tinnitus since I was concerned about it and dementia. The seminar covered information that was helping and made me understand Tinnitus and how to cope with this condition.” – Sandra K., Fort Myers

“It was really interesting learning of the emotional and brain trying to compensate for the hearing loss. The information was helping in understanding tinnitus. As a spouse of a person with tinnitus, I can be more sensitive to his condition.” – Janet M., Fort Myers

“The information that was covered was informative and very helpful in understanding Tinnitus and hearing loss. They provided me with information that I had not heard before. John is an above average speaker and knows his topics very well. I have learned so much from him and I’m pleased to have come to the seminar.” – Barbara K., Fort Myers

“I would recommend this seminar to my friends and family because it’s an opportunity to have hope. They covered every topic that I was seeking information about and the material was presented in an effective format for learning about hearing loss. ” – Michael H., Bonita Springs

“Just to know that there is hope out there is enough. The information and explanations were simple and not too technical for the average Joe and my knowledge about hearing after the seminar was dramatically improved. I have read books on tinnitus but your information and procedures opened up a whole new world.” – Christine W., Estero

“Excellent Tinnitus Presentation today! I am so glad I came. I expected an extended sales pitch, but got a very good overview of hearing and tinnitus problems with a description of a treatment protocol and recommended product. Well done!” – Robert G., Naples
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